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International Day of Nonviolence

Tschechische Republik | Pardubice | 02. Oktober 2009 09:00



In Pardubice, International Day of Nonviolence has been organized under the patronage of the leader of the

 Department of Studies on Education prof. PhDr. Karel Rydl, CSc. at the University of Pardubice. The action

started by very interesting lecture given by well known personality of doc. ThDr. Ivan O. Stampach. A

presentation of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence followed, led by Mrs. Lenka Roskova from the

Humanist Center Narovinu. The main and the longest point of program was a projection of phenomenal

"Gandhi" movie. “We are very thankful to everyone who supported the idea of this event by his participation,”

 said the local WM coordinator Vit Ronovsky, student of the MA Religious Studies on the Faculty of Arts at the

University of Pardubice

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