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2 gennaio 2010

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Direct Transmission of the Grand Finale of the World March for Peace and Non-Violence

Argentina Punta de Vacas | 03. Gennaio 2010 07:44
On Saturday, January 2nd a grand finale of the World March for Peace will take place. It will begin at 18 hours (Argentine time), with the testimonies from the international team that did the planetary march. There will be a direct transmission through the internet. The international media that can not be present at the Park will also be able to do internet interviews.

In the following internet site: a direct video stream will be enabled with images of the testimonies of the activists who traveled around the world proposing nuclear disarmament, an end to war, and the overcoming of all forms of violence.

At 18 hrs. (Argentine time) as part of the World March for Peace and Non-Violence, speakers in the following order will include: Rafael de la Rubia, from Spain, Bhairavi Sagar, from India, Giorgio Schultze, from Italy, Gemma Suzara, from the Philippines, Tony Robinson, from England, Pia Figueroa, from Chile, Sandra Amor, from Argentina, and Tomás Hirsch from Chile will close.

After the event, a press room will be made available so that the accredited communication media may carry out interviews. The international media that are not physically present will also be able to carry out interviews through Skype by connecting to: alexandre.sammongini, by first sending a request to: [email protected]

The International Press Agency Pressenza, will cover the entire event. The subscribers will be provided with audiovisual, radio and written releases.

Pressenza IPA

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