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День старта Всемирного Марша

Марш, День 93-й !
2 ОКТЯБРЯ 2009 г.
2 ЯНВАРЯ 2010 г.

PUNTA DE VACAS 2010 - Полезная информация

Together for peace and nonviolence

Romania | Iaşi | 02. October 2009 09:00
  9 Petre Andrei Street
  700495 Iaşi

For 2 October 80 students and 4 teachers from Liceul de Informatica “Grigore Moisil” will organize a march to support the peace and nonviolence in the world. The route will be from the front of the high school to the City Hall.

The students and the teachers from Informatică “Grigore Moisil” from Iaşi Romania participate at the world march for peace and non-violence in order to create a global conscience regarding peace and non-violence. This activity has as main aim to eliminate the nuclear weapons at the end of wars as solution to conflicts and a universal NO to all kinds of violence (physical, economical, racial, sexual and psychological).

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