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День старта Всемирного Марша

Марш, День 93-й !
2 ОКТЯБРЯ 2009 г.
2 ЯНВАРЯ 2010 г.

PUNTA DE VACAS 2010 - Полезная информация

The Nonviolence Day Eve in Ceske Budejovice

Czech Republic | České Budějovice | 02. October 2009 15:00

České Budějovice

As we all know, the World March started on 2nd October at 9.30 AM in Wellington. The WM group from Ceske Budejovice decided to celebrate this event at time.

On 1st October at 10.30 PM, a concert took place in Solnice club, simultaneously with the events in Wellington. Adherents of the March and many interesting guests participated. The Bohemica Indica band played some ska, oriental dancers and drums made all the people dancing.

"This is how the town of Ceske Budejovice starts its journey around the world together with the Base team," said the coordinator of the local WM team, Lenka Roskova.

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