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PUNTA DE VACAS 2010 - Useful Information

March Day 93 !
October 2, 2009
January 2, 2010

Informations and Recomendations
PUNTA DE VACAS 2010 - Useful Information
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With these simple recommendations we hope that, taking the proper preventive measures, we will be able to reduce possible medical consultations during January´s activities in our PdeV Park.

1. Those who are undergoing treatment with permanent medication, please do not forget to bring the necessary quantity for their stay and do not forget to take the medication during those days (Examples: Hypertension, diabetes, asma, etc.).

A small increase in blood pressure is frequent due to adaptation to high ground, but it is greater in those suffering hypertension.

2- During the day, the sun in the mountains is very intense and there are not many places with shades or shadow, thus we need to use maximum concentration UV sun-block applying it in all areas of the skins which are exposed, not forgetting to put it in the ears and the back of the neck. Use a hat or a cap to protect the head and get refreshed frequently by putting water on the head.

3. In the middle of the afternoon there might be gusts of wind which swirl little grains of sand. For this we recommend to use protecting sun glasses, especially if you wear contact lenses.

4. During sunset temperature can go down several degrees into the night, that´s why we recommend everyone to have a little bag or backpack to carry some clothes that can be used as sweaters.

In the same bag one to two liters of drinking or mineral water should be carried to drink and get refreshed, as well as a blister of analgesics (paracetamol) for high mountain headache. It is now necessary to dispose of the bottle, it can be refilled.

5. Walking slowly and drinking a lot of water avoid to a great extent the symptoms of high mountain dizziness typical of these places. As there is a lower oxygen pressure we could feel fatigue, palpitations, headaches, nausea, ringing of the sensation of "clogged ears". These could be avoided with these simple precautions. Walking slowly and with sneakers or boots also avoid trauma due to falling down. It is important to follow the recommendations from the aids so as not to get close to dangerous places outside the site.

6. Avoid eating any food that is sold in lodging places with no quality control (street selling) or that do not have an expiry date in order to avoid food poisoning which may provoke symptoms like strong stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea and fever. Those sleeping in shelter shacks should check the shoes before putting them one in case there are poisonous insects looking for dark places (scorpions), their habitat is usually cracks or under rocks.

7. For those who do not know the route and arrive in their private cars, please respect all signals, maximum speed signs. Also, you should not drive if you are tired or haven´t slept well.

8. Everyday, from 31/12/2009 to 6 January 2010 there will be sanitary posts, ambulances and a sanitary truck properly identifies in a map which will be distributed upon entering the Park by the team of Aids. The friends who will fulfill the function of Aids will be ready to guide you to the nearest post or to call upon the teams that will take care of you anywhere in the Park, in case there is no possibility of moving, which they will carry out first aids.

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